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My signature programs are:

Seeding* – A one month intensive where we speak about your core desires and what you can do to start living the life you deserve. After the first month we move into the Sprouting Program.

Sprouting – Two months allowing for growth at a comfortable pace. We have weekly calls and catch-ups to see where you are and where you need further support.

Flowering – We catch up every 2 weeks for as long as needed to see where you’re at and where I can offer continued support.

All  programs receive workbooks with action steps, affirmations and journal prompts to help you on your ongoing journey of rediscovery and growth. 

*There are variations of the Seeding Program as I know not all needs are the same. 

You also have the option to have a one time call or 5 call package if you like the idea of having a coach, but may not be ready to commit to a program. Click here for more details on programs and coaching.

If you have any questions about my products or what we’ll be working on, please feel  free to contact me on or set up a free discovery session with me here.