Brand Values

Little Things Girl is a socially conscious business which means that everything I do is to serve a bigger purpose.

This means that I offer a free workshop every few months to ladies and young girls who need guidance or support to step out of their situations.

I also choose a charity every month and 5% of LTG’s income gets donated to causes serving: education for the underprivileged, community gardens and feeding schemes in impoverished areas, sanitary items for girls who cannot afford it, sterilization of animals and outreach to communities who aren’t able to provide vet care for their animals.

I am also a firm believer in volunteering and this means that I spend time fostering, raising (often this means bottle feeding) and rehabilitating animals at my home until they are ready to go to their forever homes. My two cats Ash and Rocket are both rescues, and I am an advocate for Adopt Don’t Shop.


Furthermore, my core brand values are Authenticity, Honesty, Accountability and Generosity.

Little Things Girl Brand Values

If you’d like any details on the charities I work with, how you can get involved, or if you’re a charity in need, please feel free to contact me on