About Me

Little Things Girl About Me

My name is Lona and I’m the Little Things Girl. Why? Well that’s because I’ve come to realize that the little things in life are the really big things. I believe that by doing little things consistently you will achieve what you really want in life.

I have always been perfectly happy being completely by myself. However people like spending time with me, strangers share their stories with me and open up to me easily.  Yet, I was always the first to judge myself, criticize myself and downplay my accomplishments.

The reason for this is because I was brutally bullied growing up. I was the tomboy, super sporty and had a lot of guy friends. I hit puberty and suddenly those boys looked at me very differently and I found myself in the awkward spot of being in an awkward body. I then grew into this small boobed active chick who still didn’t relate to the girls and suddenly life became very hard.

Add personal hardships, a few #MeToo stories and I felt myself go from a chatty girl with a ton of friends to the wallflower who wished the world would swallow her every time someone looked her way. 

Luckily we moved to sunny Cape Town when I turned 21 and I used this as my new start. I literally detoxed my life. I cut out all my bad connections. Cut off the bullies. Left the bad bars and bad nights behind. I decided that Cape Town would be my salvation… And it was!

It took me 6 months to transform from Lona the victim to Lona the magic seeker. I realized that I’m super quick to smile, generally pretty happy, actually above average intelligence, not terrible looking and I generally have a lot to be grateful for.

I had made the decision to change my life… and I did!

However my journey is not yet complete as I started realizing that many, many girls are where I was. I started realizing that the world does not have enough genuinely honest good people. Girls judge each other just as much as we judge ourselves.

I wish growing up I had a strong woman to look up to, someone to tell me, “Hey, you’re all right.” Someone to be that voice telling me that I’ll grow into a strong independent young woman with endless opportunity at her fingertips.

So I’ve decided to become that voice for the countless girls and women who need a hand up or just a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to who won’t judge, but who may give them a kick on the butt if they need it. 😉


I am Lona the Little Things Girl and I serve women from around the world by helping them find their voice and accept who they are so that they can live the full life they desire and deserve. I do this by allowing them to step into their strength through self-love,  self-worth and self-confidence.