My Zumba Experience

My Zumba Experience


I’ve been doing Zumba on and off for about 2 years and I love it. Not cause it’s a rad workout, cause it has cool music or cause dancing is my jam. Nah, I love Zumba because it brings together a mix of ladies who would otherwise not necessarily mix and have them laughing and dancing together like no one is watching.

Now I have to admit if you’re not into it or haven’t tried it yet I can totally relate to how daunting it is, so here are some tips:

  1. Try different instructors – Trust me the level My Zumba Experienceof energy an instructor brings can make or break your experience.
  2. Make sure your instructor knows their sitch – Nothing is more confusing than an instructor who can’t give clear instructions.
  3. Find a studio or gym you like – Find a venue where you feel relaxed and excited to be at.
  4. Wear comfy attire – Wear comfy shoes, you’ll likely be doing around 7000 steps during the class, so you need to be comfortable in your footwear. Same goes for saggy pants and annoying sleeves, there aint no time for adjusting clothing when you’re having fun.
  5. Don’t be a Judgey McJudgey-pants or a Negative Nancy – Each class will have a mix of ladies who are there for their own reasons, same as you, so be kind.

Zumba is about FUN. And it’s impossible to make it through a class without laughing, enjoying yourself or pushing yourself as hard as possible.  And this leads me to the ladies, every class is likely to have at least one of the following (which is totally not a bad thing):

  • The Big Girl – Every class has one. She may have let herself go or recently had a baby or maybe she’s struggling a health issue she doesn’t talk about. But she’s probably the friendliest girl there and she’s probably working her hardest. Cut her some slack.
  • The girl with the Bunda (Big butt) – Her booty speaks its own language without even trying and girls wish they could move the way her butt does. Bunda girls caused twerking. 😊
  • The Ex-dancer – She effortlessly picks up choreography and moves gracefully, perfectly and beautifully.
  • The Wanna-be Dancer – She exaggerates everything she does and often tries to upstage the instructor. Give her some space, she likes to move!
  • The New Girl (this may be you) – She’s likely incredibly uncomfortable, a few steps slow and may stop mid-dance to figure out footing. She’s likely the one shaking her head a lot.
  • The Zero Rhythm Girl – This girl is usually on the sides. She’s likely 10 steps behind and totally in her own world. But she’s doing the best she can, and I applaud her!
  • The Fun Girl – She’s there to have a one girl party and she’s gonna rock it!
  • The Whoo Girl – Similar to the Fun Girl except she’s louder. She’s likely the one shouting with the instructor.
  • The Princess – She’s here for the show. Tries just hard enough to keep moving but won’t break a hard sweat.
  • The Sweaty Girl – Unlike the Princess, Sweaty Girl digs deep and works hard. Sweat will be running down her face, necks, boobs and legs. She’s here for the workout!
  • The Single Girl – She’s likely dressed quite well and on a manhunt. She may be close to the glass door and shaking it extra hard.
  • The Ass Shaker – This girl loves to move! She uses her hips and butt like she bought them.
  • The Ethnic Girl -African dancing runs in her veins and she has natural rhythm most of us wish we had.
  • The Stiff Sausage – She’s trying her hardest but her body just doesn’t do what she wills it to. She’s likely looking like a dancing Air-Man trying to tap dance.
  • The Yoga Girl – She’s just here for the cardio.
  • The Fit Babe – Her muscles have muscles and she’s here to crush this class! She turns Zumba into Bootcamp.
  • The Lost Guy – This is a rarity. He may or may not be gay but regardless he’s here for the dancing.
  • The Foreign Language Girl – She likely doesn’t speak or understand the language well yet, but music unites all and she’s here and ready to dance.
  • And You – Wherever you fit into this list. Just remember that everyone is here to have fun and actualize their own fitness goals. So you just do you girl! Dance like nobody’s watching.