Gratitude Post

This is a #gratitudepost done on Facebook 

Last Friday morning (around 2 am) I woke up in excruciating pain but being the stubborn tough cookie I am, I made 2 heated beanbags and stuck it out until around 4 am. Eventually, after much tossing and turning and failing to ease the discomfort, I decided to get up, take a wee and get on with the day. But instant regret hit me as it felt like my insides were ripping apart the moment I got fully upright.

After dragging myself to the bathroom, taking my wee, shedding tons of tears, sweating, swearing and shivering, I made it back to bed to wake up my boyfriend. This wasn’t fun anymore!

We rushed off to the hospital with suspected appendicitis and later got diagnosed with kidney stones instead. A CT scan confirmed that a 6mm stone was stuck in my ureter (kidney pipe) and was slowly making (ripping) its way down from my kidney to my bladder.

A week later these are the things I’m truly grateful for:
 My amazing boyfriend who had to shimmy me to the car and rushed me to the hospital and let me squeeze his hand as every wave of pain hit. And his calm level-headedness that kept me sane when all I wanted to do was cry in pain.
 An amazing emergency centre at the hospital which tested my blood, treated my pain, sent me for scans, admitted, diagnosed, treated and discharged me, all within 14 hours.
 An amazing doctor who explained all options and advised on what he believed the best course of action would be. And who improvised when he realised the situation was worse than initially thought. He did everything possible to ensure a speedy recovery after treatment and scheduled a follow up to complete treatment.
 Medical aid which has covered almost all costs. Which would otherwise never be affordable.
 Family and friends who have been supportive and caring since the moment they heard.
 My body for its ability to heal and regenerate.
 And a new perspective and appreciation for this quote. Kidney stones really are a bitch!

kidney stone