My “almost” favorite top

This is my favourite top… or at least it would’ve been.
You see, I bought it 10 years ago (yes 18 year old me was REALLY into bright and glitter), it was the only one they had, it was waaaaay too big and I never got to wear it. 
Yet, year after year, move after move, I kept saving it. Saying to myself that ONE DAY I’ll wear it. 📆
This top has survived break ups and new beginnings. It was there through highs and lows, skinny, fat, party girl, granny. Its been through all my phases and changes over the last decade.

Today, while unpacking boxes I found it again. And decided to give it it’s annual try, only to find it full of holes 😱

Now, any other time I’d have cried my eyes out, feeling incredible loss at something so sentimental. But today it made me realise something… we keep our best things for one day.

We live our lives extending fun, dreaming of exotic holidays someday, saving that special perfume for special occasions, keeping wine because it’s better with age and having hobbies we want to start when the time is right.

Truth is, time is limited.

We don’t know what the future holds and we don’t know if we’ll ever get the opportunities we have now.

So stop dreaming of the future and start living in the now. Because now is all we’ve really got.