Emotional clutter

Let’s talk about clutter. 🚮
Emotional. Physical. Spiritual.

I’m an emotional hoarder which means I hold onto everything that means anything to me….

But we recently moved house, and I forced myself to sort through my belongings… ALL OF THEM, instead of just packing them away. I made sure to pack everything myself, touching ea
ch possession and deciding if it should go in one of my 3 piles.

1. Keep – Things that matter. Things I have used and will use again in the next 6 months, or wear in the following season again (and I literally fit every piece of clothing). Mementos from my childhood or things that carry sentimental value.
2. Donate – Things I no longer use but don’t want to just throw away. Things that still have value and
 still look good. Things that would make someone else smile.

3. Trash – Everything else.

My 3 piles quickly grew as my clutter clearing continued (I was clearing the physical and the emotional clutter I had created and held onto) and this picture is of my pile number 2, my donations. Things to make people happier, help them live healthier and make life easier.
And boy did it feel good to me too!! Not only do I now carry less, I’ve created space for more of the good. Not to mention having done a good deed which will help a number of charities and the families and underprivileged girls they help.

It took nearly 3 weeks but the emotional and spiritual shift has been amazing! 😍

So, this got me thinking 👉 When was the last time you cleared your clutter?