Hello from the other side

Hello from the other side… literally… May was hell!

I have been exceptionally quiet online over the last month and I’d love to say it’s cause I was fully booked and busy, but truth is I hit rock bottom ass first HARD.

I have been dealing with depression, bouts of anger, breakdowns and tantrums. Days of not wanting to shower, get out of bed and eating my worries away.
My emotions have been ALL over the place yet I’ve been stuck on my ass. Like glued to the couch barely walking stuck on my ass. 

I’ve had another relapse with my hip which meant weeks of minimum mobility, another doctor, more xrays, another specialist and an mri. And still NO answers.
Hopelessness has been the order of the day, every day for far too long. 

I’m mentally and physically exhausted and beyond tired. I’ve reached my wits end.
But today was a beautiful day, a warm day and the autumn leaves have left me seeking hope again.

It’s a new month, a new week and a chance for a new outlook.
I’m excited at what the future may bring and I’m hopeful that June will be better. 

So if shits tough, just hang in there girl