The Universe Made Me a Sad Panda

Ever feel like the universe is telling you something?..🌍

Well right now I’m a sad panda. 🐼

After spending the last 3 weeks re-branding and redoing my website, freebies and programmes I’ve just managed to delete my website. Yep is dead. Like dead dead! ☠☠☠

But let’s get honest for a minute, I’ve been struggling with motivation. I’ve been questioning myself and my abilities. I’ve been playing the small game lately. Always feeling less. Always playing down.

So can I honestly blame the universe for giving me what I wanted? Can I honestly feel bad or mad or sad?

Heck no!! The universe is a mirror.🔎 You get what you ask for and you get what you tell it. And I told it I wasn’t enough so it took my hard work.

So here I am, just a panda 🐼 ready to rebuild. Stronger and more powerful than before.

Who’s with me? ROAR!!!



After asking for help my hosting company managed to restore the website to a previously backed up version (a 28 day old version). Morals of the story?

  • Backup your site more than once a month. Especially when doing work on it.
  • Don’t get dragged down by negativity, the universe is a mirror and will give you what you ask for.
  • Asking for help, is always a good idea!