Life Happens

I had March all planned out…

Mindset March. Weekly Facebook lives covering everything from limiting beliefs to how physical activity impacts thoughts. Motivation, inspiration, personality types, productivity, the whole toot! But life happens.

I got sick, closed my consulting agency, hut my hip again, lost my voice and spent more than just a day in tears.

Life happens! It doesn’t sit around waiting till you’re ready, it doesn’t ask permission, it doesn’t give you a gap. It just happens.

And then life goes on. And it’s your choice to pick yourself up, adapt and carry on. Or you could wallow in self-pity and complain about how hard or unfair it is and watch it pass you by.

Fact is you may not like the cards dealt to you, but play them or change them! Don’t get stuck on the nitty gritty and the what if’s. You’ve only got this one life, so don’t even waste one day, chase your dreams, push boundaries (including your own) and create the life you deserve!