Let’s talk about anxiety

Let’s talk about anxiety

It’s more than sleepless nights or a 2am worry sesh.
It’s more than a freak out the day before a big presentation.
It’s more than feeling you have all eyes on you. ALWAYS.
It’s more than cancelling plans with friends, and then finding yourself alone in your room, feeling abandoned and forgotten.

Anxiety is a monster. ? It eats away at you, your life, your dreams. You feel consumed by the darkness of worry ALL the damn time!! And it leaves you with nothing but remorse, sadness and guilt.

 But there is hope, your tunnel has light, and you can get yourself up and over this hurdle. The first step is to stand up for yourself. Stand up against your fears. Fight back you beautiful girl!! You can get through this!

Everyone has their own anxieties and demons to face. But it’s your choice whether you want to face yours; and when you do, it’s your choice how hard you want to punch that mother back! But punch back beautiful girl because the world misses your smile.

Take back your control. Take back your power and OWN IT!! You deserve every ounce of it!!

And if you need a little help, give me a shout: https://bit.ly/ltg-coffee