Valentines day do-over

My Valentines day was spent in bed with 48-hour food poisoning  But we definitely made up for it yesterday. We spent our last day of holiday walking around exploring the forest, finding beautiful waterfalls and lookouts.

I’m so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity, a mere 2 months ago I couldn’t imagine being able to walk a tenth of the distance I did yesterday. I was physically incapable of walking most days, stairs was a no no and uphills would literally make me cry after just a few steps because of excruciating pain. 

I am beyond thankful that I persisted various treatment and rehab paths over the 8 months it has taken to heal my body. So often I was left at my wits end, ready to give up, ready to condemn myself to a life without walking, if it meant a life without pain. 

But persistence won. I won. My body won.

Never give up on what you want! No matter how difficult the path ahead is. Every step is progress. Every step is a milestone. Every step is worth celebrating.