Money Mindset

Money Mindset


A recent conversation while out shopping with a friend:

Friend: “Gee Lona, I wish I could be like you. You never look at prices, you just pick things you like and get it.”

Me: “Are you kidding!? I check prices all the time. But I get things I really want because I know the value of it.”

Friend: “What do you mean?”

Me: “I never just aimlessly walk around a mall. I have a list of things I need in my head and when I go shopping I naturally gravitate toward what I want and need. But before I do this, I already know how much I’m willing to spend. And then I RARELY spend more than that number for the things I need.”

Friend: “I didn’t know that. I just always see you picking up things and making decisions in split seconds. Like you always have money for everything.”

Me: “I never used to. It took a lot for me to become the way I am now”

… And then we went for coffee and we started speaking about those changes.


For me it was a MAJOR mindset change! I had SO many money blocks I didn’t even know where to begin!


I used to loathe money. Like proper HATED it. It stressed me way more than it served me. I used to turn every penny over once, twice, thrice before spending it, always worried I won’t make it to the end of the month. And some months I had pennies left before my next pay-check came. I made debt to survive and then stressed because I couldn’t pay it off with the pennies left.


It was horrible, and I hated that I had to work to just stay alive… But I wasn’t living.


Then I read something that hit hard:

➡ Money is an infinite resource.

WOW!! It hit like a ton of bricks because it’s such a true statement!


I did a radical thing for myself. I started to BELIEVE that statement.

  • I believed that there would always be money at the end of the month.
  • I trusted with all my heart that I would be okay.
  • And most importantly I relaxed around money.


It was super hard in the beginning because let’s face it, belief systems, mind blocks or conditioning is really hard to break. It takes daily effort and practice.


But I can honestly say in the year since trusting that I’ll be financially okay; I have earned more, given more, done more, experienced more, made more memories, and loved every second of it!


Moral of the story? When you believe in abundance, you give abundance the opportunity to flow into your life.