2018 – Zero Resolutions, Zero Goals, ALL Rewards!

2018 – Zero Resolutions, Zero Goals, ALL REWARDS

New year resolutions are SO overrated. Only 8% of new year resolutions get achieved, or otherwise put, 92% of new year resolutions fail! That’s less than 1 in 10 of your new year resolutions having the potential to come true. Now I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty shitty statistic to me! Goals on the other hand have a slightly better wrap, with some types of goals having up to an 80% success rate.


So, what makes resolutions inferior to goals? Two simple words – Action Plans!


Resolutions are foo-foo. It’s a once a year list of things “I wish” or “I want”. You make your list and you may work on a few things in the beginning (we usually hit a running start), but then as the Christmas cheer wears off and the new year with new responsibilities hit, our new-year resolutions end up in a box or book somewhere not to be revisited until mid-year or next year… or never.


Goals on the other hand are all about needs, desires and have to do’s. That means that goals are something we commit to less freely than resolutions, it’s more thought through and we work much harder at it. Words and phrases such as “hustle”, “like a boss” and “grind” have become the norm. We bust ass to achieve goals, success and fame. Our goals define the course of our actions and essentially our life.


But something I’ve been seeing lately is the misalignment of our goals in the various facets of life. For example, you love the environment, you re-cycle and you save water. But you work your butt off because you want the latest piece of tech made in a poor country, manufactured from non-recyclable and non-biodegradable materials and you import it specially because you just HAVE to have it!!


We are so consumed by goals. The drive to achieve more, do more, be more. We often forget the little things, the rewards, the sweet, the celebration. Now if you know one thing about me, it’s that I’m ALL about celebrating the little victories, and I mean every little victory! I live for the little things, because the little moments are what life is all about for me.


And because of this, in 2018, I’m ALL REWARDS. I’m not making any goals and I’m not making any foo-foo resolutions either. I’ll be thinking about the reward I want (the victories) and I’ll have action plans to achieve them. And once I have reached a reward, I will celebrate!


I won’t have any rewards on my to do list unless it leads to a super sweet victory and celebration.


Some of my 2018 rewards will be:

  • Close my marketing consulting firm and focus on Little Things Girl full time.
  • Have no more than 10 coaching clients a month, unless we’re doing a group course.
  • Launch 2 group courses.
  • The above will lead to me having more free time to do the things I’m passionate about like…
  • Volunteer more.
  • Foster animals who need homes.

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