Journaling means something different to everyone. Some see it as a to do list, others as a future log, a dear diary, a place to document your dreams/goals, a system to help keep you organized, a place to have creativity pour out… But no matter what you see journaling as, it’s about getting the most out of it.


My journaling experience, as with most things related to an INTJ personality, is different. I have two notebooks I use for journaling:

  1. One for business –
    • Here I put down my business to do’s.
    • Make notes regarding meetings/projects/tasks happening that day.
    • Jot down things to remember like phone numbers and key points for next meetings.
    • Have a weekly to do I add to and cross out as tasks are done. And carry leftover tasks into the new week.
  2. And another journal which is personal –
    • In here I write down thoughts and ideas which came up for me during the day.
    • Things, sayings or quotes that resonated with me.
    • Shower thoughts.
    • I also write about a specific topic every day, a word which has a lot of meaning to me that day, usually the word in my head as I wake up.
    • I also write about my dream life, what I imagine my life could be. Things like freedom, happiness and wealth come up here.
    • And without fail I write down what I am grateful for in combination with all the positive things that happened during the day. Whether it be someone stopping for me to cross the street and giving me a smile, or whether it be friends and family, love or making memories. It all counts.

This is what works for me. What I enjoy. And it’s enough.


Yet, society tries to sell journaling as complex spreads, specific journal books and pens, expensive stencils and crafty things, hours of mapping, planning and creation. Your journal needs complex designs, keys, page numbers, indexes, future logs and more. It’s a cult created by the stationary obsessed.


And most people I see online trying to get into the world of journaling have legit fear over whether “they’re doing it right”, and add comments like “please don’t laugh”. People feel ashamed to do something so simple because of the pressure society puts on them. And it’s ludicrous, laughable, ridiculous.


If you’re looking to start journaling, or anything really… Just do you! Do what feels right. Follow your gut!


No one can tell you you’re wrong for doing what feels good.