No Excuses November

Every year for the last couple of years I do #NoExcusesNovember. What this means is that I take one issue or problem in my life and start making less excuses for it and take actionable steps toward a solution. These have included; choosing to further my studies, leaving an unhappy relationship and shifting careers. But 2017 has been a year of transformation for me, and as such this years No Excuses November had to be BIGGER. I decided to do these 3 things for an entire month:

  1. Less excuses and more action
  2. Say Yes more and No less
  3. Set up for 2018

Step one – Less excuses and more action:

This was by far the most difficult step for me! We don’t often realize how many excuses we make. From, “Just 5 more minutes and then I’ll do X”, to “I’m really sorry I can’t do X because of Y”.


But once I started seeing the excuses I make and stop myself before making one, so many things shifted for me. I started realizing where my excuses were coming from and from this I made amazing discoveries about my perceptions and I shifted so many mind-blocks I had (mind-blocks I didn’t even know I had).


For me the most shocking one was the mind-block that “I don’t deserve pretty things”. This came about when I decided that 2 years of making excuses about buying new couches for my lounge was long enough and I took the what felt like a MASSIVE step to buy them, even though my head was screaming “NOOOO!!!!”. But let me tell you sister, when those couches arrived I couldn’t stop smiling and actually did a little happy dance. It was a great decision!


Step two –  Say Yes more and No less

Step two was amazing!! By saying yes, even when all I anted to do was say no, I did so many new things I would’ve never done. Some include:

  1. Redoing my office.
  2. Buying some really rad office furniture even though they were way over my initial (mind-block) budget.
  3. Stopped referring to my office as the spare room.
  4. Ordering my couches (custom made and still cheaper than in the shops).
  5. Selling all my old furniture.
  6. De-cluttering my house.
  7. Redoing my garden.
  8. Visiting childhood friends I hadn’t seen in years (and never really got along with), and it totally turned into adulthood BFF’s in the making!
  9. Cooking more.
  10. Unplanned meeting with a radio presenter looking to interview entrepreneurs in the digital space. (OMG!)
  11. Visiting a chiropractor for my hip (BEST decision this year!!)
  12. Beach walk after chiro session number 3 and ACTUALLY being able to walk!! Tears of joy! Literally!
  13. Taking more naps when my body asks for it.
  14. Getting a streaming service for movies. (Yes please!)
  15. And probably 50 more items I could add to this list.


Step three – Set up for 2018

Setting up for the new year has never been hard for me. I’m a natural list maker and planner. But by starting my new year plans in November it really gave me the clarity I needed to know what I want for 2018. The top things I am NOT doing in 2018 is:

  • Anything that feels like an obligation – relationships, business, clients, friends. If it weighs me down or drains me emotionally I’m cutting it loose.
  • New years resolutions – Let’s face it. New years resolutions are BS!!
  • And saying that, I’m also doing away with goals – Yep! I’m not doing goals for 2018. I’m doing action plans to get to a reward.


In 2018 I will however be doing more crowding in the good. And that means that I will have to clear space to allow for all the good coming my way.


If you’d like to  chat about setting up your 2018, schedule a coffee date with me.