What is your why?

Simon Sinek recently released a video on Millennials in the workplace and it pretty much broke the internet! Since I saw this video one thing stuck with me: “Purpose”.


So many of us go through life adrift. We don’t have a life mission, we don’t make any considerable changes to the environment around us, we don’t leave a legacy. We just are. We just exist. Never getting out of our comfort zone and never making a massive life altering decision.


And that got me thinking: What inspires you and what is your why? What is your purpose?

The answer to these questions should drive you to do what you do. Or to make changes. It should be your reason. Your why will motivate you, it will give you something to fight for.

Your why is your purpose, your guide, what sets you apart.

It could be anything! Your family, your body, your partner, your job, literally anything that makes you want to be better. With no excuses.


Your why should be the constant in your life. It is unwavering. It is strong.

It will let you fight for your dreams. It’ll tell you that no is not an answer. The answer is Yes or Yes!!


So what drives you? What is your purpose? What is your why?

And would you be able to make the move to be successful? It’s not going to be easy, but your why will drive you, push you, guide you!


It will let you make the right choice. Find your purpose. It’s your passion. It  will light a fire in you an – I WILL! And – I can.

Accountability, which basically means: I do it for me! So, keep moving forward. Keep doing it for YOU!


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